Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Time's a Charm...

Yeah, so I figure I'll skip all the first time blog stuff, yaddah yaddah, I hope someone reads my blog, yaddah yaddah, I'll see if I stick with it blah blah. Lets get down to the good stuff.

As long as I stay on topic and my ADHD doesn't take over, my plan is for this blog to be about biking, my training/training log, and my racing. Hopefully this season I'm gonna have some cool stories to tell. Hopefully you'll have fun reading and I can take you some places you might not get to go otherwise.

Well, training is back into full swing. After a brief respite to go walk for a while in California, I'm back and itching for some racing. There should be some good racing this year, I have some big big BIG plans for this season. More on that later. Its not time for that though, its time to ride the trainer because its too darn cold to ride outside. I got a new rock and roll trainer, and it is sweet! The bike moves pretty similar to how it would on the road, it definitely feels more natural than a normal trainer. I had a nice little mental toughness workout for today, some tempo riding. Its not that hard physically, but on a trainer it is hard to force yourself to ride at that pace for 30-40 minutes. And you get really sweaty. I had forgotten how sweaty the trainer makes you. I had a puddle of sweat on the tile at the end of the ride... I need to remember a fan or something next time.

Believe it or not, I'm enjoying myself. Notice the unused treadmill in the background, and my mom's bike on the other trainer. Our family really has a one-track mind...

It was a great night for the trainer, we just got a new movie in from Netflix.

American Flyers. Good movie about a couple of brothers who race their bikes in the Hell of the West race back in the eighties. Kevin Costner is da man, he wins a sprint and he almost made the Olympic team. I'm pretty proud of him. But its a good movie, nice little plot twist. Entertaining and long enough to keep you on the trainer for the full duration of your workout. I would definitely recommend it. There aren't that many good biking movies out there, and this one is pretty good. Oh, I almost forgot, a little disclaimer. There is a tid bit of nudity. But what good bike ride doesn't have a tid bit, you know? Its all good. Next on the menu is Breaking Away. I can't believe I still haven't seen it. Tell me if you know of any others. Oh and the other thing, does anyone have a copy of Off Road to Athens I could borrow/get a copy of?

Peace out.

Daily Log: 1:30 - trainer


  1. its good to see you writing a blog.welcome to the world of blogging' lol


  2. If it's biking in general, you can watch RAD. It's an old skool 80's movie about BMX riders...has Christian Slater in it if I remember correctly who was also in Gleaming the Cube, an old skool skateboard movie with cameos by the entire Bones Brigade. Ah well, there is also the Flying Scotsman (I think that's the name). Ask Brandon about Off Road To Athens, I think he has a copy. It's a good documentary, but I'll warn you, it drags along near the end, but you get to see Shonnie VanLandingham in lycra!