Monday, January 4, 2010

New Things

So... quite a few new things since my last blog post. And for all of you that have been sitting out there, waiting and hoping that I would start posting again, I'm sorry. To all of my loyal fans, I'm sorry. So basically I don't apologize to anybody. Haha.


- I attend Union College now
- Our team placed 2nd at Collegiate Nationals
- Cycleyouth has morphed into a U23 Pro team sponsored by Kenda/Thomson/Giant/Hayes/Manitou, etc.
- If you want to support us I can sell you some really good Going Pro Coffee or some Vermont peanut butter. Let me know.
- I grew several inches
- I got a new bike, cracked it, rode it the rest of the season, then went back to my old bike.
- I went to Germany for a usacycling development camp. That was cool.
- I got a slackline for christmas. yay!

As I write this list I realize I'm too lazy to go in depth about how my summer and fall was. It's the college kid in me. Although I should have plenty of interesting things to write about once I get back to Union for the second semester. I have this sinking suspicion that one of my friends is a superhero, so if that plays out the way I think it will it should make for an interesting story.

Good Night to all!

oh, picture from nationals that made it into Mountain Bike Action. The article was about how to fall correctly. Caption: "This Rider does a good job of tucking and rolling after slipping on a root." I endoed, no root. Oh well:

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  1. Nice Picture! Hitch a ride with brad and sara and come out for the Laramie Enduro with us!