Saturday, June 26, 2010

Making the Donuts... part 1

So it's been a fairly hectic race season so far, with lots of travel to Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and everywhere in between.

I've managed to pull out some fairly decent results so far, this being my first year as a "pro".
I've managed two early season top 10s in the SERC series. I was fairly happy with those results at the time, I felt good and rode with some of the guys in the front group during the races. After those races was the Dirt Sweat and Gears race in Fayetteville, TN. The guys who are part owners of Swiftwick Socks are also the same people who put on this great event. They have a huge purse and really know how to run a race, I was impressed with the way everything was handled. Not to mention a nice reward at the end of the day. It is really nice to be rewarded for your hard work, specifically almost 7 hours on the bike and a big win for the Kenda/Cycleyouth duo team of Andy Johnston and I!

Not pictured: hard work and suffering

Then at the Mellow Johnny's Classic race in Texas, I managed to outlast the brutal heat to what I felt was a solid 23rd place finish out of about 80 racers, after having started back in about the 63rd start position. I felt pretty strong and lots of other guys were just withering in the heat so again I was satisfied with the result.

A very low quality picture of me finishing. Exciting.

After a quick trip home to do laundry, it was off to the Bump N Grind race near Birmingham, Alabama. This race has been going for 16 years now and was a great event with cool people. The racing started off on Saturday with a short track style event called the Turn and Burn. I decided to do this race at the last minute. I had been hesitant to do it because I didn't want to be tired for Sunday's main event, the XC race, but I find it hard to turn down any racing!

We all lined up for the start and Bruce Dickman, our announcer, yelled: Ready, Set, STOP!! Turn and BURN!!!!!!!!!!! TURN AROUND!!! We all looked at him, very confused, until we realized he wasn't joking, at which point it was a mad scramble to turn around and begin to pick our way through the racers who started behind us. I had a very good start and ended up 2nd going into the 2nd lap, leading out a very strong group of pros behind me. I was feeling very strong, and I decided to go big or go home. I had a good race and ended up behind Robert Marion, but I held off a charging Travis Livermon for 3rd. To end up between two very strong southeast pros was a huge confidence boost going into the XC race the next day.

Also, I got interviewed, which was cool.

For the rest of my most recent racing adventures, stay tuned tomorrow for Making the Donuts, part 2

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  1. Wes, I have been following you this season, and wanted to say what a awesome job you been doing out there. I am always cruising cycling dirt to see how you did. You were looking really great at the Massanutten STXC! Keep up the good work!